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About me

Based in the beautiful state of Alaska, I am living out my own happily ever after with Prince Charming himself.  We have two boys and a girl on the way...life is beautiful in our neck of the woods!

I started out my writing journey in college and pursued an education in poltical science and journalism, earning my B.A. from Texas A&M University in 2000. I spent a few years in a newsroom before finally returning to the classroom and earning an M.F.A. in creative writing in 2004.

I've taught undergraduates everything from basic composition to the finer points of Jane Austen and Raymond Carver. I've been everything from a late-night disc jockey to a professional MMA fighter. Life is an adventure and I work hard every day to make sure life's sense of wonder doesn't dry up on me!

I began my creative writing adventure in poetry and have been published in literary journals around the U.S., including BorderSenses and Antietam Review. My love of romance started when I snuck my first romance novel from my grandmother's shelf during a summer visit and it hasn't stopped yet. I concentrate primarily on historicals (medieval and Ancient Rome), though I am working earnestly on a Steampunk at the moment that is turning into a wild, corset-wearing adventure.

I love authors. I love readers. I try to bring them both together at my other pet project, Pink Owl Reviews.

Other hobbies include: baking, blogging, cartoon watching, knitting, embroidery, and locking my bathroom door for five minutes of peace every few days.

Questions? Feel free to contact me via e-mail.

I look forward to hearing from you!